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A simple last.FM library for WinRT projects on Windows 8, that implements the new .NET 4.5 asynchronous programing style.

The library implements methods for most non-authenticated web calls. Methods and return types map directly onto the last.FM web API.

Example Usage:

var artist = await lfm.EndPoints.Artist.getInfo("Jason Mraz", String.Empty, true);

var tags = await lfm.EndPoints.Artist.getTopTags("Jason Mraz", false);

var  photos = await lfm.EndPoints.Artist.getImages("Jason Mraz", null, null, null, lfm.Order.popularity);


  1. Download the source code, and open the solution
  2. Obtain your api key (
  3. Open Base.cs, and replace the iKey variable (line 21) with your API key
  4. Build the project.
  5. Add a reference to the DLL you built above to your project that you wish to integrate with

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