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This library provides quick, one line asynchronous access to non-authenticated last.FM web services, for use in Windows 8 WinRT applications.

Setup instructions:

1.       Download the source code, and open the solution

2.       Obtain your api key (

3.       Open Base.cs, and replace the iKey variable (line 21) with your API key

4.       Build the project.

5.       Add a reference to the DLL you built above to your project that you wish to integrate with

Example: Return artist details asynchronously

var artist = await lfm.EndPoints.Artist.getInfo(name, String.Empty, true);

See intellisense or object browser descriptions in visual studio for full details of what each overload does. All Endpoints can be found in the lfm.EndPoints namespace.

General Notes

API calls wrap directly around the last.FM web API, so for example a call to online Artist.getInfo(…) method is matched in this library by the lfm.EndPoints.Artist.getInfo(…) method.

Return objects generally match the same structure and types of those of the last.FM web API, for ease of use.

For more help, read the comments in the source code or check out the Object Browser in Visual Studio 11.

Best Practices

·         For fool proof error handling, it’s best to contain calls within Try –Catch blocks. Although most of the code has been tested, there may be a few obscure bugs about. Better safe than sorry!

·         Always check for a working network connection before firing requests,  the API doesn’t do it for you!

Legal for WinRT, originally coded by John. M.D. Westlake, 2012.

·         Make sure to use only within the Terms of Service of the API:

·         Source provided under the terms of the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

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